The LEONI Business Unit Irradiation Services

Down to the smallest detail.
Undivided perfection.

Electrons are used in the fields of crosslinking, modification of plastics as well as sterilisation and decontamination of raw materials and finished products. The smallest forces that, with specific use, optimise the application of products.

As worldwide leading technology supplier we amend and optimise the plastics developed and used for cables by LEONI. 

More importantly, with rising demands in the industrialisation of processes, growing ecological awareness and the safety of end products, irradiation crosslinking and irradiation treatment provide important factors to spare resources.

Improved temperature and chemical resistance, flexural strength and abrasion resistance, more durable products and tailored optimisation of safety are thereby only some capabilities of the highly specialised procedures. 

A safe connection for the future.


Irradiation Services